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22 July 2008 @ 03:56 pm
Volosozhar & Morozov change coaches  

Volosozhar – Morozov will train with a Stasi collaborator

May 13, 2008


A formerly famous German figure skater Ingo Steuer, coach to the 2008 World pair skating champions Elena Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy, has started working with the Ukrainian team of Tatiana Volosozhar and Stanislav Morozov.

The duo of Volosozhar-Morozov came into being after Stanislav’s former parner Alyona Savchenko moved to Germany and started training with Steuer.

Volosozhar-Morozov have trained with Galina Kukhar; they have also gotten help from Nikolai Morozov in the last few years. Nonetheless, despite increasing program difficulty, the team remained unstable as far as the elements go.

The pair had their biggest success in 2007, when they become fourth at World championships in Japan. This year, they were only eighth.

Tatiana Volosozhar is considered among the best pair skaters in the world. Galina Kukhar has often complained that other countries’ representatives are eying Tanya.

“At the Pair Grand Prix, a famous Russian German journalist Artur Werner came over; at one time, he even helped Alyona Savchenko negotiate her deal. So, Werner told Tatiana Volosozhar, that he considers her and Savchenko the strongest lady pair skaters in the world. However, he also said that there is no way they can go above fifth or sixth places, since the Ukrainian federations won’t make appropriate deals. In a few minutes, he reiterated his opinion. Tanya doesn’t answer, though, it’s just not in her nature. I then met Artur behind closed doors, and warned him not to “work” the girl, Savchenko alone is quite enough”, shared Kukhar with “Ukraine the Young” six months ago.

Then, a few weeks ago, that same Werner hinted on his website that the Ukrainians can pop up at Steuer’s group. We should also note that following the World championships, Elena Savchenko has visited Kiev; perhaps she might have influenced her former partner.


Morozov will also help Steuer work with the Ukrainians.

We should also note that the German specialist has a difficult relationship with the German skating federation leadership. This is mainly related to the “non-sport” motives – Steuer stands accused of collaborating with Stasi. Therefore, he mainly finances the work with his top team of Savchenko and Szolkowy from his own pocket. It is unknown who will finance the training of the Ukrainian athletes.


Ukrainian skating federation chose not to share this information.


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